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Generation Z Programme

Non-profit Lifeline

  • Economic Lifeline Available for each Continent
  • 100.000 M/P/W training-pass dedicated to Generation Z
  • Every training-pass includes a free 12 months MPW subscription
  • Empowering Private Welfare high skills
  • Mass adoption on all continents
  • Growing the Private Welfare world ecosystem

Generation Z, the digital natives

 More details:

100.000 365 days training-pass
– dedicated to Generation Z
– for each Continents (high worth)

Disrupting the Gender Gap:
50% women / 50% men and  beyond

Are you the right candidate?

MPW for Generation Z is a business-oriented educational training program, completely free for 12 months, that gives young people a clear 360° view of how to get FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) and cancel LONGEVITY RISK.


The MPW for Generation Z is addressed to UNDER 26 coming from any educational background.

Create Result

MPW for Generation Z gives tools to identify the best strategies to become aware and to self-protect for the own distant future (learning by doing & viewing)

What happens next?

At the end of the MPW for Generation Z anyone will have a better quality of life because they will have the tools to optimize their economic balance.

MPW innovate people’s experience in increasing their steady income.


If you are between the ages of 25 and 40, thanks to medical advances, you have a chance of reaching 100.

You, therefore, have an extended period ahead of you during which you will live for many years of work, and for many others, you will live on income (retirement). Living with an income is not a dream but a normal transition for everyone at the end of working age.
It depends on where you put the divider between working years and life years of income.

You now have the years of your life available for free.

A search was done among young people proposing to exchange their belongings with those of Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest men in the world. Over 100 billion dollars as long as they also exchange their age (he was 91 years old at the time of research). Well, no one has accepted the hypothesis of this exchange, thus demonstrating that people estimate the years left to them to reach 91 years, more than 100 billion dollars.
But very few consider time an asset, often slipping without worrying, and often we hear people say: wasted time. Generally, this irrational behavior is because we are taken from everyday life and do not have an overview to which we give a value of over 100 billion.

MPW is the window that opens onto your distant future so that time does not pass without it working for you and your well-being. Indeed, your future life will depend on how you find time for yourself today. Not doing so will cause you to lose the results you could have achieved.

Generation Z Lifeline Programme

On the way, confidently, towards 2050.

Every success is never a bet, it’s just planning.

  • A complicated path

Anchoring to reality is a great challenge.

Young people are committed to emancipating themselves as individuals in the balanced management of the three essential resources at their disposal:

– their emotions and then discover the passions to nourish and feed them

– time and therefore have a list of priorities that can be pursued with the energy deriving from the emotional quality

– money and therefore need to manage itself as an asset.

  • The scenario changes, and it pays to be prepared

The boundary between work and life is gradually disappearing, and most young people find it difficult to manage themselves in this seamless environment.

They are oriented to become entrepreneurs of themselves, they seek consistency concerning their value system, and they aim for their optimal balance by placing on the two plates of their scales both the wealth of happiness and physical and mental well-being and the economic wealth that remains an indispensable basis (everyone chooses their level).

On this second front, MPW is researching to make available to them, through the Lifeline Gen Z Program, tools suitable for everyone and valuable to allow them a smoother journey.

This self-determination sought by young people requires a truly mature cultural level of education, respect and a sense of responsibility. It is not easy to give up a world of hamsters, like the prevailing one they still have, to move on to a world of constant research of an increasingly advanced balance.

  • Evolution of well-being

Today it is no longer possible to disconnect material economic well-being from what is the well-being of the individual and the collective society and, if we want, we also add well-being to the environment.

We are in a truly incredible historical period from the point of view of the awareness of young people, so much so that now we talk about Yolo economy (Yolo is an acronym that stands for you only live one) which has already led to what is now called a great resignation, where millions of people are self-licensing because they no longer want the hamster role.

This is happening for a more remarkable ability to understand what matters in their life truly. Many people are no longer willing to sacrifice years to work, work, and consequently earn and accumulate in hitherto traditional forms, even knowing that not even $ 1 can be taken to the afterlife. It is unprecedented in social history; obviously, many variables are involved, but this phenomenon is a significant macro trend. The pandemic effect of Covis 19 gave a massive jolt to the consciences of individuals who were prisoners like the hamster on the wheel. Most have had to go through the lockdown, and many have seen relatives, friends, and acquaintances disappear. It was therefore obvious to question the purpose of life (the Japanese would say Ikigai, the reason for life) which leads to a very direct and linear correlation between one’s awareness and the resulting behavior. Extreme by NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

  • No more compromises

Today more and more young people no longer want to make strong compromises to have a specific type of income and therefore they put the quality of life first. We are passing from an era firmly focused on quantity (prevalent until a few years ago) measured by GDP to a qualitative era where it is necessary to have the minimum quantitative condition given by money, but, then, the incremental return no longer passes through the accumulation of further quantity of money, but from the quality with which one can take care and manage one’s resources (which are essentially emotions and time).

This epoch of transition is identified in wholeness. Like all transitions, the current phase is also agitated. Hence our MPW Lifeline Gen Z Program with gentle nudges towards tools that help to enrich oneself in a broad sense and to discover how to become proficient in what they are passionate about. If young people are oriented to become entrepreneurs of themselves as an asset, MPW’s mission is to help equip them for a smoother journey.


How to benefit from the MPW Generation Z Lifeline Program

MPW research has set up the Generation Z Lifeline Program to allow 100,000 under 25 of any nationality and gender-free access for 12 months to the tools it has brought together on the platform. The aim is to enable them to gain confidence and learn by seeing sweetly. No money is needed, and to gain access, you only need to fill out the form.

The real wealth in life is feeling good.

Start growing your wealth right away!

MPW is building
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for Generation Z